How to login to a McAfee account?

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If you face any issues in your McAfee account login, you’ll be entering the incorrect password or email address. Additionally, your browser could be submitting an invalid password or email address automatically.

Alternatively, you’ll log in to your McAfee Account by visiting However, if your McAfee account login continues to pose problems despite following the instructions given below during this article, contact McAfee Customer Service.

Presently, with all said and done, read the guidelines gave underneath to eliminating your issues with respect to signing in to your McAfee Account:

You may be encountering problems in your McAfee Account login because:

• During your McAfee login, you’ll have forgotten your True Key Master Password, and thus it needs resetting. For doing this, visit- “TS102545 – the way to change or reset your True Key Master Password”.

• The True Key app could be inaccessible thanks to an invalid login attempt, and a security check on is visible. For additional subtleties on this, visit “TS102522 – You can’t sign into True Key even after you complete the wellbeing check.”

• Lastly, the Secure Home Platform app is inaccessible thanks to an incorrect McAfee account login. Again, for more details on this specific issue, you’d got to visit “TS102689 – you’re unable to log in to the Secure Home Platform app.”


To get back login access to your McAfee account, here’s what you can do:

• Verify then type your valid email address once more

1. Visit for rectifying the errors in McAfee account login.

2. Click on the sign off option (if present). Logging out of your McAfee account is compulsory from this progression onwards.

3. Please hover your mouse round the My Account option. Then click on the check in option from the options’ list that emerges.

4. If within the Email Address field, you see an address already present, delete it.

5. Lastly, type in your registered password and email address. Then click on the login option.

Upon seeing a mistake message while logging into your McAfee account, you’d know that you simply may need to use an incorrect password or email address. McAfee stores the login password and email address initially used while registering on the location or when purchasing any McAfee product. Therefore the McAfee login page fails to acknowledge multiple versions of an equivalent email. as an example, and unrecognizable to the login page because the same email address’ different versions. Alternatively, albeit you probably did use the valid email address, you’ll be entering an invalid password.

DO NOTE: The password you create for the McAfee account login is very case sensitive. If your password was something like “T0m5M1tH” until May 2017, you’ll have still logged in by typing “t0m5m1th” as your password. Be that as it may, from May 2017 onwards, McAfee account passwords were delivered case delicate. Now if you would like to log in, you ought to exactly type your password as used while registering.

If you can’t recall your password in its exact version, read the instructions for password recovery given below.

How can you recover your McAfee Account Login password or email address?

To start with, attempt to log off from your McAfee record and afterward sign in again. Now, you ought to be cautious about your program’s endeavor at consequently filling in the old yet invalid secret key and email address. After effectively logging out, enter your substantial email address for signing indirectly back:

1. First, visit for amending McAfee account login mistakes.

2.Next, it would be ideal if you drift your mouse around the My Account choice until you can tap on My Account that rises up out of the subsequent rundown of alternatives.

3.Then snap on the “Failed to remember Your Email Address?” alternative or”Forgot Your Password?” choice. Presently, follow all the impending on-screen prompts and directions. To know more insights concerning secret phrase recuperation or email recuperation, compassionately visit “TS102157 – How to recuperate your My Account email address or secret key.”

4. You will get your secret key data in your enlisted and legitimate email inbox. Besides, your right email address will be noticeable.

If it’s not too much trouble NOTE: Your legitimate secret key should just contain numbers and letters. On the off chance that any non-alphanumeric characters, (for example, ! @ and, “), are available in your recovered secret key, at that point you will be not able to sign in to your McAfee account.

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