McAfee Server Security

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McAfee Server Security

McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials delivers foundational server security protection and management for physical, virtual, and cloud deployments, enabling you to get workloads for complete security visibility, protect workloads with desired security policies, and expand workloads into the cloud with automatic provisioning of security policies.
The data center has been within the midst of major transition over a previous couple of years across storage, server, networks, and therefore the applications it delivers. the various nature of the info center and therefore the rapid evolution towards cloud computing require new ways to secure this environment. The challenge for enterprise IT and security professionals is to make a unified and powerful security posture for physical, virtualized, and cloud environments to assist ensure agility and price effectiveness. McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials addresses these concerns by integrating the essential security components to get workloads within the cloud, protect servers, and expand security into the cloud.

Key Advantages

• Discover all physical and virtual assets, including those within the cloud with single-pane management from a central console.
• Protect physical and virtual servers from malware. Virtualization security is optimized for minimal performance impact, and you’re ensured that only trusted virtual machines are running.
• Connect public cloud credentials with McAfee ePO software through McAfee Data Center Connector for Amazon Web Services and obtain complete visibility into VMware vSphere environments with McAfee Data Center Connector for VMware vSphere.

Features & Benefits:

Discover All Workloads

It is often a challenge to get workloads in order that you’ll apply the right security policies across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments. Through connectors into McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) software, McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials enables you to get physical and virtual servers. additionally, with McAfee Data Center Connector for VMware vSphere, you get visibility into private cloud environments to ascertain the ESXi to vCenter relationship, also as determining the host on which a given machine is running. this permits you to watch virtual machines to use fine-grained policy management as a way of delivering a robust security posture across virtual machines.

Protect Servers

McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials includes McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, ranked favorite by NSS Labs against zero-day exploits and evasion attacks. The suite offers traditional antimalware solutions for Microsoft Windows and Linux servers, and a separate solution tailored to virtual environments. McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) AntiVirus optimizes antivirus for those virtualized environments, minimizing performance impact and providing support for all major hypervisors. McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention safeguards business against complex security threats which will rather be unintentionally introduced or allowed. Moreover, Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) attests that only trusted and authorized applications are ready to boot up. The Intel partnership also allows McAfee to supply hardware-assisted security for physical servers through McAfee Deep Defender, which matches below the OS to deal with the foremost sophisticated attacks of both today and therefore the future.

Expand into the Cloud

As you expand into the cloud, it’s increasingly difficult to make sure that proper security policies are applied to newly provisioned workloads. MacAfee addresses these challenges by automatically discovering virtual machines as they’re provisioned within the private cloud with McAfee Data Center Connector for VMware vSphere, which may then be protected automatically with appropriate security policies. McAfee Data Center Connector for Amazon Web Services allows for visibility into these environments, easing concerns related to the shift to the general public cloud. you’ll register an Amazon Web Services account in McAfee ePO software and find out both running and stopping virtual machines. additionally, you’ll gain full visibility of protection status and security incidents in Amazon Web Services environments by deploying and configuring McAfee security solutions using the McAfee Data Center Security Dashboard.