McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Protection (DLP)

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McAfee DLP

McAfee DLP Manager

The McAfee DLP Manager appliance is that the central controller for the whole DLP solution and therefore the integration point into enterprise-wide management and monitoring via the McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) server. The McAfee ePO server gives you one view of your organization’s entire risk posture, and you’ll easily drill right down to see specific security events and identify causes.

It reduces the general operational expenditure related to managing and maintaining the answer by allowing you to quickly gain a summary of your data security status, distribute policies, and delegate administrative roles as required. This makes it possible for multiple cross-functional stakeholders within the organization to collaborate on incident workflow and case management with none need for IT involvement.

Case and incident workflow functionality enable you to:

  • Make significant oversight with a brought together episode dashboard.
  • Escalate episodes to any approved individual through the installed case the board.
  • Implement flexible incident and case logic—multiple incidents can belong to a case or one incident can belong to multiple cases.

Preconfigured roles help you:

  • Expedite setup for key team members within the organization, including administrators, legal, human resources, compliance, operations, and knowledge security.
  • Define additional roles with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory for centralized authentication services.

McAfee DLP Discover

Understanding where sensitive data resides in that the initiative to securing it. The McAfee DLP Discover appliance simplifies the invention with an easy three-step process—inventory, categorization, and remediation. Dissimilar to different arrangements that anticipate that you should see precisely what content you might want to watch.

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In this manner the areas where it’s probably going to be put away, the McAfee DLP Discover appliance does the work by rapidly categorizing large amounts of unclassified data, in order that only relevant files are being examined and remediated.

McAfee DLP Prevent

The McAfee DLP Prevent machine upholds arrangements for data leaving the organization through email, webmail, texting (IM), wikis, online journals, entryways, and Web 2.0 technologies. make sure the security of the knowledge you recognize you want to protect—Social Security numbers, Mastercard numbers, and financial data—and the knowledge you would like to guard, like highly valuable property. The McAfee DLP Prevent machine permits you to require a spread of remediation activities, including scrambling, diverting, isolating, and in any event, hindering—so you’ll guarantee consistency with guidelines overseeing the protection of sensitive information and reduce the info risk to your business.

The McAfee DLP Prevent apparatus offers norms-based incorporation with network passages:

  • Enforces strategies for data leaving the organization through email, webmail, IM, wikis, online journals, entryways, HTTP/HTTPS, and FTP moves.
  • Integrates with email gateways are completed via SMTP while web traffic is inspected using the web content adaptation protocol (ICAP).

McAfee DLP Monitor

Coordinated into the organization, the McAfee DLP Monitor apparatus performs continuous filtering and examination of organization traffic. Through point by point grouping, ordering, and capacity of all organization traffic—not simply data that disregards its ongoing arrangements—the McAfee DLP Monitor apparatus permits you to rapidly use authentic data to know what data is sensitive, how it’s getting used, who is using it, and where it’s going. this provides you the power to create effective and accurate policies the primary time and allows you to anticipate how changes in your environment might impact the safety of the sensitive data it contains.

Additionally, you’ll perform rapid investigations supported the historical data to make sure that you simply leave no stone unturned:

  • Scan and investigate data progressively—Integrated into the organization utilizing an exchanged port analyzer (SPAN) or tap port, the McAfee DLP Monitor machine performs ongoing examining and examination of organization traffic at line speeds.
  • Discover obscure dangers—Through definite grouping, ordering, and capacity of all organization traffic, not simply data that matches existing guidelines, the McAfee DLP Monitor apparatus permits you to rapidly fabricate a deep understanding of where data is, how it’s getting used, who is using it, and where it’s going, helping you anticipate new risks because the environment changes.