McAfee Safe Connect review

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McAfee safe connect

McAfee Safe Connect may be a simple VPN which aims to bring secure internet access to even the greenest of networking newbies.

McAfee is more known for its antivirus and security programming than VPNs, obviously, yet luckily, the corporate purchased industry goliath Tunnel Bear in 2018, and Safe Connect uses Tunnel Bear technology underneath.

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The Safe Connect network is little, with a choice of just 23 countries, and no city-level selections. The network is well distributed, though, with servers within the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, and lots of other locations across Europe.

There are apps for Windows, iOS, and Android (not for Mac, though), and you are able to attach up to 5 devices simultaneously.

The feature list is so short, we’ve run through it already. there is no split tunneling, no ant phishing, no DNS control, no kill switch, no router support, and no browser extensions, as an example, and you’ll use any protocol you wish as long as it’s OpenVPN.

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Benefits of McAfee Safe Connect

• Free Plan Available: Although it’s offered for seven days, and comes with bandwidth limitation, it is often wont to establish a VPN connection at a time of urgency or to check the service. it had been stated on the website that it’s just for one device, and server switching is unavailable, but we haven’t experienced any such restriction.

• Easy Sign up: you only got to download the appliance on your device, provide an email (not necessarily PII) and password, and it’s able to start protection.

• Cost-effective Annual Plan: albeit the monthly plan seems expensive ($7.99), the annual plan features a very less price in its comparison. you’ll be billed $47.88, which means it’s just $4 for a month.

• Live Chat and Phone Support: Customer support is the prime requirement for customer satisfaction. McAfee has added both Live Chat Support and Phone Support, but just for the premium users. They also provide instant help by asking us for remote access to our devices.

• Own DNS Servers: Appreciatively, they need their own DNS servers, and so, you don’t get to worry about the DNS request logging.

User Interface and Experience of McAfee Safe Connect

It’s simple and straightforward to explore. Best for the users who just wish to encrypt the info and conceal their IP address from the ISP and other third parties.

With one click, all the info is often tunneled through the virtual private network created by the appliance. As soon as you click on the “Start Protection” button, it’ll automatically select the fastest server for you, and connect your device thereto.

You also get the choice to settle on amongst the servers from the list of nations . However, you can’t select the precise server location.

Also, there’s no other server selection, sorting, or filtering options present by which the user can identify the specified server.

The interface contains a menu with five tabs, out of which just one tab has options that allow us to form changes.

In the settings tab, you get the choice to permit the VPN to attach automatically and add a trusted network that you don’t got to use the VPN.